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 Posted: Wed Dec 27th, 2017 06:17 pm
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Buffalo broadcasting legend who had a cult following in Ontario, Irv Weinstein, passed away yesterday from ALS.  Weinstein's unique style led the local ABC affiliate's news broadcast to the #1 ratings position for a 25 year run.  Back in 70's and 80's, with TV choices limited, Weinstein's over-the-air broadcasts were also popular in southern Ontario. 
In his book, “Canada,” “Saturday Night Live” and film star Mike Myers sent Weinstein an autographed copy that had a couple of pages about Myers growing up in Toronto watching Weinstein.  “We developed a drinking game,” wrote Myers. “Everyone had to take a sip of Molson’s Export every time Irv Weinstein said, ‘arson is suspected’ or ‘the suspect died later of multiple gunshot wounds.’ ” Myers concluded by saying that there were so many fires and gun battles one August evening that he almost died of alcohol poisoning. 

If you're in your 40's to 60's and grew up in these parts, you will go to your grave with the disembodied voice of Weinstein intoning, "It's 11 O'clock.  Do you know where your children are?"  Fucking legend

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