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 Posted: Wed Dec 27th, 2017 10:31 pm
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No, they don't give a forecast that specifically focuses on Ontario, but when they run down current conditions, the map will show the region and they'll often mention temps and conditions in Ft. Erie, St. Catherine's, Hamilton, or Toronto. The problem with doing a forecast for those areas is that the climate is significantly different, despite the proximity of the two regions. WNY is downwind of Lake Erie, while the GTA and southern Ontario are to the west of Lake Ontario, so they don't get lake breezes or lake effect snow to the extent that WNY does. When I went to Toronto a couple weeks ago, my neck of the woods was buried in snow but somewhere between Ft. Erie and Niagara Falls Canada, the ground became completely bare and stayed that way.

So true, LAF, that the news now makes sure that every time some Dindu from the Fruit Belt or the East side gets offed, they find one of his aunts to give him the Michael "Gentle Giant" Brown treatment.