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 Posted: Thu Jan 11th, 2018 09:46 pm
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I am not sure what to add to this. As good as Cornette is, mistakes can still happen. Talking with Cornette a few times on the Mid Atlantic era, I myself have showed him his book, and the mistakes in it. He even signed his book, "Thanks for finding my mistakes."

I tore apart the Mid Atlantic for 1985 visiting many small towns and gathering many unknown dates for the Mid Atlantic and the Georgia towns crocket took over. Last count I was at 780 different events for 1985. In doing this research my research did not line up with Cornette's. I showed him my research and he said mine was correct and his was wrong.

He had:
July 30, 1985 Jasper, GA
The Midnight Express beat Brett Sawyer & Italian Stallion.

When in fact it was:
August 30, 1985 Jasper, GA
Joe Lightfoot & Rocky king vs Mike Davis & Tommy Lane
The Midnight Express beat Brett Sawyer & Italian Stallion
Black Bart vs Pez Whatley
Buzz Sawyer & Dick Slater vs Arn Anderson & Kevin Sullivan

Mistakes happen. But my gut tells me for the original above topic, accept the South Carolina date as fact. His book might have dates wrong, but not cities. If they had been in Hawaii, Cornette would have had it documented with the gate $$.