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 Posted: Fri Jan 12th, 2018 08:12 pm
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srossi wrote: beejmi wrote: Job situation - better
Stock market - better
Tax Cut - good
Retailers - reported great Christmas sales
ISIS - almost a non-factor now

Other than the tax cuts, how does Trump get credit for any of this? 

The job situation is what it is, steadily improving for many years but much worse under both Obama and Trump than really reported.

The stock market is too good and I keep saying this.  The next crash is going to be even more horrific than in 2008.  We've learned nothing.  A sign of a stable economy are realistic stock valuations, not this overly-manipulated bullshit where stock prices have no relation to performance.  

What the hell has Trump done in regards to ISIS?  They have been almost gone for years aside from what amounts to some PR stunts, but the Middle East situation is less stable than ever before.  Is anyone paying attention to what's happening in Iran right now?  If you've followed history even a little bit, including what happened right after the Arab Spring, you know this will end badly.

And this isn't taking into account the North Korea debacle, which is a very serious situation no matter how much Americans want to laugh at them.  Trump gets an F in foreign relations even if you want to credit him for the economy.

So yeah, this is far from a GREAT job.  The best thing he's done is roll back regulations to pre-'90s levels and cutting taxes.  Businesses are responding in a bit of a phony way here, extending exaggerated praise on him and making big monetary gestures to employees just to show that "it's working" in the hopes that Trump and future presidents will continue this pattern.  Although I agree with this, I also recognize the bullshit and am amused by it. 

So as far as substantive issues go, he gets one point with that.  That's far from a GREAT job since many economic issues are being ignored with spending and debt still totally out of control, foreign policy is a disaster, and his social stances are archaic.



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