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 Posted: Thu Jan 25th, 2018 07:16 am
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The latest "vintage" WWE Network addition will be old WWF Coliseum Home Videos, PWInsider has learned.

There will be 38 videos uploaded to the Network's VOD section the first week of February.

The Coliseum videos had been planned for some time, although there was talk internally of instead adding old WCW Thunder episodes since the lawsuit brought against the compan by Buff Bagwell and Raventhe lack of royalties for in regard to their appearances on the WWE Network has been dismissed. That lawsuit led to WWE delaying the addition of Thunder and WWE Sunday Night Heat to the Network, but now that WWE successfully defended themselves against it, the door is now open for that content to be added. can also confirm the frontrunner to be added in March are old episodes of WWWF All-Star Wrestling from the 1970s.

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