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 Posted: Wed Jan 31st, 2018 09:19 am
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srossi wrote: Mysterious wrote: Former Charles in Charge actress Nicole Eggert comes out with accusations against former co star Scott Baio when she was only 14 years old.

The two definitely dated, no one disputes that.  Baio says they first had sex after she turned 18, and clearly no one could've believed that.  Eggert says it was when she was 17, but he digitally penetrated her as early as 14.  This was a full-blown consensual relationship that lasted years, but she's now saying she was too young to know what she was doing and he was her "boss" as the star of the show.

Eggert said that they had sex after the show was canceled which was in spring of 1990. Her birth date is January of 1972 which would've made her 18. There were always rumors about the two even way back then but her story and dates don't add up and she seemed cool with him until now.