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 Posted: Wed Jan 31st, 2018 06:53 pm
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The smaller cards being posted now, even if previously posted, are nice because they are easier to focus on since they are not usually in a larger section of results. Gives a nice snapshot into how the guys were being matched up, feuds going on, and the general talent in and out of the area at a given time.
So previously listed or not, I like 'em for that as an AWA guy.
A card like the Albert Lea one, for example, would have been mentioned on an AWA interview back at the time, but just at the end of someone's promo. Adrian Adonis may have went on about being the new tag champs in a promo a week before that show, for example, and at the very end as he was walking off would have said something like "...oh, and Albert Lea Minnesota, get ready! I'm coming!" mention of who he was against or any real details.

These add the details nicely.