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 Posted: Tue Feb 13th, 2018 09:40 pm
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lobo316 wrote: Married Jo wrote: I haven't scrolled through this entire thread but anyone watch "Killing Fields" on Discovery? Season 3 is on now and that's the first wife and I have watched of it, I'm almost certain now it's pretty near impossible to kill someone and get away with it now unless you've lead a PERFECT under the radar life. The DNA stuff now will nail you every time..

Not always.  In the Green River Killer case, the cops had Gary Ridgway's DNA but this wasn't enough for a conviction. As his lawyer pointed out, it only meant Ridgway had sex with the prositutes, not that he killed them. It was paint chips from his job  at the truck company where he worked that finally sealed the conviction.Also, OJ got off, despite DNA evidence.

I'm not disagreeing with your assessment at all, but I would think DNA technology has come so much further since both of those were put to bed that it would make DNA evidence even more of a solid when prosecuting a case than before.