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 Posted: Sat Feb 17th, 2018 04:17 am
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landy1987 wrote: khawk wrote: Kriss wrote: bpickering wrote:

WWE Network has been adding new episodes of World Class Championship Wrestling in an effort to fill gaps that exist in the current run of episodes. WWE has at times sought out private collectors to track down content that was missing from the actual library they acquired.

If someone has uploaded something to YouTube that WWE "owns" but doesn't actually have footage of, can they just take the footage? Would they have to pay for it?

Landy I think can answer this from experience...They got/took footage of Andre vs. Bret in Europe from him IIRC and used it someplace on the network or in something of theirs.
Yeah they downloaded my YouTube video of that match for the Bret Hart DVD that was released in 2013. They didn’t contact me privately about it, if they had I could have sent them a higher quality version instead of the YouTube video but their loss.They also took a Prime Time episode I had on there as their copy must have been bad (1/23/89 on the Network you’ll notice a drop in quality during the show) but again they didn’t contact me and just used the YouTube download 

This actually solves a mystery.  Or resident dvd guy here could not for the life of him find his copy of the Classics on Demand 1/23/89 episode of Prime Time a few months ago when I was working with him on something, but he told me he had the original broadcast episode instead.  I have not gotten around to watching it yet, but this makes sense now.

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