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 Posted: Thu Feb 22nd, 2018 09:16 pm
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Here is the lineup from a newspaper ad a few days before the card:

Kevin Sullivan vs. Dory Funk Jr. in a barbed wire match
Ed Gantner and Bugsy McGraw vs. The Sheepherders in a bunkhouse match
Mike Rotundo vs. Mike Graham
Jimmy Valiant, Ron Simmons, and Scott Hall vs. Manny Fernandez, Ivan Koloff, and Vladimir Petrov
Ron Garvin vs. The Tahitian Prince
plus 4 other matches

Clearly the card got rebooked. Today fans buy tickets without even knowing any matches by the time the date of card arrives. In 1987 fans were told what they were getting and didn't react well to having things radically switched up in the sense that people would feel ripped off and less likely to buy tickets the next time because they figured the promoted matches might not happen.

7/24/87 St. Petersburg, FL @ Bayfront Center
Blackjack Mulligan & Kevin Sullivan beat Dory Funk, Jr. & Oliver Humperdink in a lights out, Texas barbed wire cage match
Ed Gantner & Bugsy McGraw beat The Sheepherders by DQ in a bunkhouse match
Mike Rotundo beat Black Assassin
Ronnie Garvin beat Incubus
Steve Keirn beat Mr. Marvelous
Manny Fernandez & Ivan Koloff beat Jimmy Valiant & Ron Simmons
Scott Hall beat Bob Cook
Cuban Connection beat Jim Backlund & Jerry Grey
Lazertron beat Nelson Royal
Bill Mulkey beat Rick Rider