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 Posted: Sun Feb 25th, 2018 12:31 am
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By the time Eric Embry was booking, Fritz was out of the promotion. Here is a rough booking rundown:

1976 to 1982 - Gary Hart

1983 to Spring of 1986 - Ken Mantel

Spring of 1986 to Summer of 1986 - David Manning (I think Michael Hayes had a lot of input)

Summer of 1986 to December of 1986 - George Scott

December of 1986 to May of 1987 - Bruiser Brody

May of 1987 to March 1988 - Gary Hart

It gets a little fuzzy around this time because Hart was booker of record, but it was fairly evident by February of 1988 that he was not in power and that Ken Mantel was booking with Michael Hayes having a lot input. I'd say those two were booking after Hart left in March for JCP. Mantel bought in with the father of Steve and Shaun Simpson as a money mark in late 1987. He had more shares than Kerry and Kevin individually, but Kerry and Kevin together had more than Mantel. It seems like Ken Mantel faded out somewhere in the summer of 1988 with Hayes booking alone.

Jerry Jarrett bought the promotion in early October and that is when Embry booking looks to have begun. This is when Embry started his babyface turn, lots of Memphis guys came in apart from just Lawler who'd already been in and out, the weekly Monday night Fort Worth cards were dropped due to a decline in attendance making them unprofitable, and with Hayes no longer booking Terry Gordy stopped coming in.