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 Posted: Tue Feb 27th, 2018 12:11 am
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Eric Embry's time booking Dallas and being on top as lead babyface is entertaining in its own way and sparked some interest, although I don't think as much as credit often is given. However, as a fan of the promotion before Jarrett took over, it is still jarring to watch.

Jerry Jarrett kept things going in Memphis well after his peers had closed down, but keeping things moving with active booking and by cutting costs as low as possible. World Class' TV production took a visible dip in early 1988 when the Ken Mantel regime came in, but it was still visibly similar to what had been in place since 1982 or so. However, when Jarrett took over, the TV production was changed again. The lighting was poorer, there were fewer cameras at fewer angles, the video tape quality seemed to be of a lesser grade, and the tightness of the production seemed to dissipate.

With Embry booking, there were far more angles. It was more of a Memphis style show, but came off a little more low rent. Embry as the top star did what most bookers do by pushing himself too hard. For as much as people go on about peak era World Class emphasizing the Von Erichs, I think Embry pushed himself much harder when you consider the number of times he'd appear on screen or be mentioned in a single episode (matches, angles, live to camera interviews, bumpers, pretaped and inserted promos, the announcers or other wrestlers talking about him). It got to be a bit too much.