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 Posted: Fri Mar 2nd, 2018 08:40 pm
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Blazer wrote: I was watching the June 1985 MSG show last night.  It’s a really interesting watch for a lot of reasons (mainly for all the debuts - Jim Brunzell, Randy Savage without Liz or the typical Macho robe and glasses, Missing Link, Lanny Poffo, Patera was replaced by Adonis), but the broadcast kinda completely breaks down about halfway through the show.  It’s one of those rare times when you see glimpses or snapshots of behind the scenes stuff.  First of all, in clear view during the Judy Martin vs Desiree Peterson match, Okerlund is lighting up cigarettes at the broadcast table next to Monsoon.  He was trying to be discreet about it, so he had the lit cigarette sitting on the ring steps.  So at one point Martin throws Desiree into Monsoon’s lap, which had to be an inside joke.  Actually it was hilarious.  Martin is stomping on Peterson while Gorilla holds her, and then Gorilla stands up and dumps Peterson back into the ring.  But in doing so he knocks over the pack of Kools on top of the monitor and Gene’s lit cigarette on the steps.  So Howard Finkel picks up the cigarette and puts it back on the step.  But Gene doesn’t want that one anymore so he lights another. Then there’s some kind of inside joke about Peterson “being on her back quite a bit”.  The camera is zoomed back and you can see Gene look over to the producer on the left side of Gorilla, and they both just start cracking up.  Okerlund is having a blast like he doesn’t really give a fuck, and Monsoon is trying to keep it together as much as he can, but he lost it a few times later in the show.  You can kind of tell both guys are overworked and just slap happy/don’t give a fuck anymore.  They both mention during this match how much they have been traveling and criss-crossing the country.  Oh yeah, anytime the camera picks up a chick in the stands for a close-up, Gene goes into full perv mode “oooh, lord have mercy! Mama!”  It’s total comedy.  Check this one out for some laughs if you ever get a chance.  

I always thought Gene Okerlund was a terrible match commentator. He had nothing to say about the flow of the match and while conversational, he didn't know how to put stuff over. He'd rattle off facts with no context like "Big John Studd, the mammoth 350 pounder from Los Angeles", punch in excited yelps like "Whoaa!" or "Here we go!", get into name dropping, and on the WWF arena cards would constantly do the inside jokes and comments as you mentioned. 

Regarding Gene smoking in MSG, was he bending the rules because he was with the WWF or could you actually smoke in the arena proper at the Garden in 1985? In the Twin Cities by the time Gene left the AWA, smoking in the arena itself was banned. You could smoke in the concourses and presumably in other non public areas if you were with a sports team or event using the building. Later they booted smoking out of the stadium and arena concourses into a designated outdoor area. Security concerns about people coming and going along with smoke wafting in finally got that done away with a few years ago. Now you can't smoke on the premises of any stadium or arena and there's no ducking outside to come back in. If you leave, you're gone unless you go buy another ticket.

Adrian Adonis got the Ken Patera spot in the six man tag with Heenan and Studd because Ken had either been sentenced to and entered prison at that point or had been found guilty and was awaiting sentencing on the infamous boulder through the McDonald's window/brawl with the cops that he and Mr. Saito got into.

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