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 Posted: Sat Mar 10th, 2018 08:14 pm
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Absolute degenerate gambler, and when he was on a bad streak at the track he was usually on a bad streak on the field. Played hurt and did it badly but wouldn’t sit unless told. I absolutely loved how he’d walk up to the plate like a 92 year old man and get in the box looking feeble, then slap a single to left and turn on the jets to make it a double. And he had a great glove in CF too. His game could have been dropped into any decade and he’d be one of the top leadoff hitters in either league in any year including today. In the 1978 stretch run when the Yanks were chasing the Sox, Rivers wasn’t doing very well. Then he hit a ball into the RCF gap that was an easy double but he turned on the jets and legged it into a triple with a hard slide. It’s still shown today, and guys like Gossage, Nettles, Lyle, and Piniella have all said that it was THE play that got the entire team fired up and they just killed everyone down the stretch. Rivers was traded to the Rangers in ‘79 for I believe Juan Beniquez but maybe Oscar Gamble, but no matter who it was for they didn’t get anywhere near enough, because he went to Texas and hit the hell out of the ball for four more years. I guess it was somewhat of a makegood because the Yanks stole Dave Righetti from Texas in the Sparky Lyle trade. But my opinion is that had the Yanks kept Mick the Quick they would have beaten the Royals in the 1980 ALCS and the Phillies might not have been World Champions for another 28 years.

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