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 Posted: Mon Mar 12th, 2018 09:09 pm
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tamalie wrote: To expand on retroken's comment, when Bucky Dent was at bat in the Yankees-Red Sox one game playoff in 1978, he cracked his bat. The bat boy was going to the dugout for another one when Rivers held him up and gave his bat to the bat boy to bring to Dent. Bucky Dent then hit that famous home run. Dent was a very unlikely home run hitter and Rivers was long suspected by some of using a corked bat and it's assumed that this was the case for the bat belonging to Rivers that Dent used.
The story is legendary but a bit too perfect.  Bottom line is, corked bat or not, what are the odds of Bucky Dent hitting a home run there?  There's nothing particularly magical about a corked bat, or steroids for that matter.  It'll add a little bit of distance for you and could possibly turn a warning track drive into a home run, but if you're a slap hitter like Dent was, it's not gonna do anything. Dent really crushed that ball and it was a no-doubter.  The bat doesn't help on a shot like that, not only in terms of distance but also with height to hit it over the Green Monster.  The distance was never in doubt, the question was "is it going to clear the top?"  Because of the shadows, even Dent wasn't sure it made it over right away and he was running hard.  Dent shouldn't have even been trying to hit a homer there, so why give him a corked bat?   

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