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 Posted: Tue Mar 13th, 2018 02:31 pm
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WongLee wrote: bpickering wrote: picked up the story on Jeff Hardy's arrest for Driving Under the Influence on 3/10 in Concord, NC.

The website is reporting that according to police sources, Hardy submitted to a breathalyzer after crashing his car into a guard rail, and blew a .25. That would be three times the legal limit.

Hardy is slated to appear in court on 4/16.
Sounds like bullshit too. Blowing a .25 is justthisclose to drinking yourself to death. Released in an hour and some sources say that he didn't have to post a penny's worth of bond. Some grassy knoll type conspiracy here.

Agreed. The numbers don't add up. legal impairment for operating a vehicle is usually between .08 and 1.0. Double and a half times that and released in an hour? Nonsensical.
He would probably have a hard time walking out under his own power with that much booze in his system. Would have made him at least sleep it off I would think, and probably hold over for the sheer levels over the limit he was at.