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 Posted: Sat Mar 17th, 2018 01:45 pm
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"World Tour '90' sees a loaded compilation of solid wrestling and amusing action. Hulk Hogan batters Sherri Martel almost as much as the Macho Man in their encounter. Even the announcers struggle to justify Hogan's actions. Jim Duggan and the Honky Tonk Man have a "so bad it's good" encounter with lazy, sloppy action and a super hot crowd, Ted Dibiase battles the Ultimate Warrior with a "bizarro world" crowd as the Japanese audience embraces the Million Dollar Man, The Rockers and Rougeaus engage in a fun affair, Bret Hart suffers a legit injury - yet still gets a good match out of Dino Bravo, plus Jimmy Snuka is the featured superstar in the "profile" segment, giving us the gift of mat classics with Boris Zhukov and the Honky Tonk Man!!