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 Posted: Sun Mar 18th, 2018 01:34 am
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khawk wrote: Funny I don't think it will get as much attention as it would if a last second basket had won it, but it deserves to be recognized as a real "holy shit!" Moment in not just basketball but in sports, period.
It was such a beatdown there was no definitive moment, you know?

That it happened is enough to cement this game in history even if it was a blowout and there wasn't a singular moment that can get replayed forever like Laettner's shot for Duke over Kentucky in 1992. A #16 seed beat a #1 seed for the first time ever after no #16 had come truly close since Princeton lost by a single point to Georgetown in 1989. More than few people thought we might never see a 16 beat 1 in our lifetime. Now it has happened after 34 years of the tourney having this format. It's getting massive attention today and will throughout the tourney. We will never escape hearing about this every March.