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 Posted: Sun Mar 18th, 2018 02:17 am
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Took me like a week and a half to get through this show, but finally finished the July 1985 MSG event (Classics in Demand version). Not a lot notable here, except that Okerlund is removed from the commentary (just speculating, but perhaps related to the debacle that went down on the June broadcast that I wrote about a few posts back). Lord Alfred is in, and he’s involved in the most notable part of this show coincidentally. The last match is the Hart Foundation vs the Bulldogs. At one point, Neidhart gets bumped off the apron onto the announce table, spilling Alfred’s beverage (looked like a 7-up fountain size drink) all over Alfred’s pants. Alfred gets up visibly pissed, kinda “argh!”s into the mic and throws his headset in the table. Monsoon calls the sequence for the next minute or two and then you can see Gorilla take his headset off and tell Alfred something (like, get your bass back onto the call), and then Alfred sounding upset tries to get back into the action. Just a weird sequence. Not sure if the Hart’s were ribbing Alfred and Gorilla by landing on the table.

Otherwise, the really outstanding match on this show was a Piper vs Orndorff brawl that was similar to their SNME match.

Also, Missing Link was so out of place with Bobby Heenan. In a way so was Adonis, who was carrying a briefcase that said “Relax with Trudy.”

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