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 Posted: Sat Mar 24th, 2018 09:32 am
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Sid Vicious walks us down memory lane...Stories include: How he debuted as a main event wrestler, his flirtation with the USFL and a pro football career, his opinions on why some well regarded workers were actually not very good, Kevin Owens being fat, how Virgil's big penis lead to Jerry Jarrett firing him, his misadventures with the drugged up Von Erichs, the Rock and Roll Express' drug usage, how a fan helped Sid find his finisher, SOFTBALL, the squeegee street fight, an absurd story about being in a WCW PPV main event and not knowing the finish, his many backstage issues with Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan: the pansy, how Sid almost saved the Shockmaster from infamy, the stabbing incident with Arn Anderson, why he never went back to the WWF after 1997 despite their offers and more!