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 Posted: Wed Apr 11th, 2018 01:58 am
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The attendance issue in baseball is getting worse. Last night there were several games under 15,000. Some of that can be attributed to the weather in the NE and Midwest but in Miami they had 7000 and the temp was 85 degrees.

The games take way too long now. Endless pitching changes and nonsense. Even the new rules are not helping. The Phillies had a 3.5 hour game last night. Not even a full 9 innings since they didn't have to bat in the bottom half. 18,000 in attendance which isn't awful when you consider how cold it was.

While the NFL definitely has issues, I think the first to hit the ceiling will be baseball. Attendance wise, only those teams that win are going to see strong attendance unless you are the Cubs. The majority of revs are locally sourced. Teams that didn't make long term deals will now find that the market is contracting. In the era of cord cutting, there just isn't that type of $ to throw around anymore. That is why the experiments with FB and other streaming outlets are starting to happen. Baseball can see the writing on the wall and needs to find new sources of revenue.

I don't see it. The big stars will still get paid by one of the 10 teams that can afford to do so. The rest will try to build teams so that their young players all have great years around the same time before having to be broken up. The young people will not watch baseball. Not with the slow moving nature of the game and especially not with how long it takes now.

This offseason, a certain type of veteran had a hard time finding a deal. The union screamed collusion but that isn't it. The system is changing into a have and have nots. If you are not a superstar don't expect a 2000% increase in pay at contract time. The new reality is going to hit some of these guys very hard.

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