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 Posted: Wed Apr 11th, 2018 02:50 am
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Franchise wrote: I’m sure someone will tell me I’m wrong but I really feel like professional sports have peaked and their best days are behind them.I am getting that sense as well.  Not sure about the NBA yet.  They could be an exception or I may be biased considering the Sixers are finally good.   It is pretty clear for the other 3 though.  It doesn't mean that every city is the same story but nationally there really is no question anymore.  Baseball, football and hockey have problems.  The NFL is probably the furthest away of the 3 from actually feeling any pain because networks continue to pony up unreal $.  However, in baseball with the majority of $ being locally sourced, there are probably about a dozen franchises that could be in trouble over the next 10 years.  Same with hockey in the states.