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 Posted: Sun Apr 15th, 2018 04:31 am
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Spatulapup wrote: The low point of Greg Valentines career. he stayed in the WWF way too long. he had a chance to go back to the NWA in 1987/1988 but Vince convinced him to if he was going for the Roy Orbison look he was doing it wrong because he is wearing Elvis glasses.:)
Fully agree that this was the worst of the Hammer, but I must say, not so sure that if he went to the NWA in 87/88 it would’ve been a good move.  Think about it, Hammer got a fat WWF paycheck at a time when Crockett bought Florida and Mid South, then ran out of money.  In six months, about 25-30 “new stars” hit the NWA at a time when WWF castoffs weren’t necessarily welcomed.  The true way that Valentine could’ve made out big was in 89/90 when he could’ve potentially taken the Terry Funk role or the Funk aftermath challenger (or even the Ole Anderson role in the 1990 Horsemen).  He could’ve even been involved in the Flair/Steamboat feud which would’ve sucked since the feud took care of itself.  
Hammer in 1987 NWA would’ve gotten lost like so many other talented guys did.

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