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 Posted: Mon Apr 16th, 2018 06:59 pm
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I think they're getting closer to the tone of the original show. It's a network sitcom, it's not going to be "Breaking Bad". There's only a handful of network sitcoms that reach the level of an objective good ("Mom", "The Good Place", a couple of others). You have to grade sitcoms on a curve against other crap. In that regard, I really think it's starting to hit it's stride, although Aunt Jackie's portrayal is such a channel-changer for me.

I tried to sample the first episodes of some new sitcoms with decent casts. I tried "Alex Inc." with Zach Braff from "Scrubs" and figured it had to be at least decent by sitcom standards. I was wrong. It's as bad as anything I've seen on TV in years. I tried "Splitting Up Together" with Jenna Fischer of "The Office" and I was one and done on that. It absolutely is hard to justify wasting time on crappy sitcoms when we're in a golden age of TV on premium and streaming channels (although that golden age admittedly might be coming to an end because some of those new shows are hit or miss now too - I'm watching "Barry" on HBO but it's hardly an HBO-level grand slam). But I judge sitcoms against other sitcoms, it's like winning a medal in the Special Olympics but you don't think any of them are going to beat Carl Lewis. And compared to say the "Will & Grace" reboot, "Roseanne" is showing some promise for me.

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