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 Posted: Thu Apr 19th, 2018 03:23 pm
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I’ve been listening to the Bruce / Conrad and the Tony / Conrad Podcasts from the start coming over from the Flair and Conrad podcast. I like all of them but I don’t take any of them as ultimate proof. Tony’s in my opinion is probably the most honest because it feels like he legit could care less most of the time. At times they all say things that sound plausible or legit and other times not so much however Conrad usually does a decent job of sticking it to Bruce or Tony much better than he did with Flair.

I think most would agree that Bruce always towed the company line for the WWE on the original show but I don’t blame him. He spent a lot of time with Vince and it would be difficult and most likely hurtful for him to say terrible things about certain things so I don’t blame him.

On the topic of Bix and Zellner, i listened to their between the sheets show for awhile but I dropped it in favor of the fuller podcast. I just had to many going and didn’t have the time to stay semi current on all of them otherwise.

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