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 Posted: Thu Apr 26th, 2018 03:40 pm
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3/21/87 Fort Worth, TX @ Cowtown Coliseum(TV)
Eddie Gilbert beat Ron Sexton
Mike George beat Marcus Hawk
Savannah Jack beat Giant Haystacks
Terry Taylor beat Iceman King Parsons
Ted DiBiase draw Chris Adams
Savannah Jack beat Iceman King Parsons
Steve Cox beat The Viking
Steve Cox & Ted DiBiase beat Mike George & Red Shadow
Iceman King Parsons beat Ron Sexton
Sting beat George Weingeroff
Chris Adams & Terry Taylor beat Angel & Bill Irwin
Terry Gordy draw One Man Gang in a match with Ted DiBiase as special referee

3/22/87 Tulsa, OK @ Convention Center(TV)
Sting & Iceman King Parsons beat Chris Adams by DQ in a handicap match
Terry Gordy beat The Viking
Sam Houston beat Eddie Gilbert
Savannah Jack beat Eddie Gilbert by DQ
Chris Adams & Terry Taylor beat Mike George & Mike Boyette
Chavo Guerrero beat Super Ninja
Steve Cox beat Red Shadow
Bill Irwin, One Man Gang & Angel of Death beat Jeff Reitz, Giant Haystacks & Ken Massey
Gary Young beat George Weingeroff

It's just a suspicion, but I have a feeling Giant Haystacks was the guy who soon was in Wild West Wrestling and later World Class and Mexico as Solomon Grundy. It definitely wasn't the British wrestler of the same name who had a spell in Stampede and then at the very end of his career in WCW as Loch Ness.