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 Posted: Sat Apr 28th, 2018 02:42 pm
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7/3/1952 Holyoke MA
Killer Kowalski beat Ovila Asselin
Jacques Rougeau vs Vincent Lopez
Clyde Steeves

7/10/1952 Holyoke MA
Dan Prata draw Clyde Steeves
Dom Papaleo beat Bibber McCoy

7/16/1952 Pittsfield MA
Gene Stanlee beat Dom Papaleo
Clyde Steeves draw Bibber McCoy

7/17/1952 Holyoke MA
Gene Stanlee DDQ Adrian Baillegeron
Owen Clifford draw Jack Marshall
Clyde Steeves beat Dom Papaleo
Chico Valdez beat Dave Weinstein

7/17/1952 Nashua NH
Dan Prata beat Jack Marshall DQ
Bibber McCoy beat Frank James COR

7/23/1952 Holyoke MA
Adrian Baillegeron vs Clyde Steeves

7/24/1952 Nashua NH
Tony Enos beat Dave Weinstein
Dan Prata drew Frank James 2/3

7/29/1952 Holyoke MA
Adrian Baillegeron beat Les Ryan
Clyde Steeves beat Owen Clifford

7/30/1952 North Adams MA
Adrian Baillegeron beat Frank James
Clyde Steeves beat Les Ryan