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 Posted: Fri May 4th, 2018 10:49 pm
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4/15/1950 Pittsfield MA
Tony Galento beat Jim Henry
Clyde Steeves draw Jimmy Blood
Frank James beat Jacques Bernard

6/21/1950 Pittsfield MA
Great Togo vs Chick Garibaldi
Henrique Torres vs Chris Belkas
Chuck Montana vs Dick Trout

6/27/1950 Pittsfield
Frank Sexton beat Red O'Brien
Guy LaRose draw Miguel Torres
Fred Carone & Clyde Steeves beat Jerry Conrad & Pat Sweeney

8/8/1950 North Adams MA
Chris Belkas beat Tiger Tasker DQ
Steve Crusher Casey beat Chick Garibaldi
Clyde Steeves beat Bill Rhyno

8/15/1950 North Adams MA
Crusher Casey beat Guy LaRose
Tiger Tasker draw Clyde Steeves
Dan Prata beat Fred Carone

8/29/1950 North Adams MA
Tiger Tasker beat Clyde Steeves

9/5/1950 North Adams MA
Gene Stanlee beat Tiger Tasker
Chick Garibaldi beat Clyde Steeves
Johnny Bence beat Ace Freeman

10/7/1950 Pittsfield MA
Johnny Bence draw Frank James
Lone Eagle beat Tiger Tasker
Gorgeous Greek Chris Belkas beat Clyde Steeves

12/13/1950 Holyoke MA
Primo Carnera vs Bibber McCoy
Guy LaRose beat Bob Russell DQ
Chris Belkas vs Jacques Bernard