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 Posted: Sun May 6th, 2018 03:20 am
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BlueThunder wrote: Saw the first two episodes yesterday, and I totally loved it. How do I get to see the rest of them without subscribing?

Yeah, this is very well written. The role reversal is great. Johnny now lives on the other side of the tracks while Daniel moved on up. As already mentioned, Johnny is truly the ant hero. This might be the only role Zabka ever played where he's likable. He was typecast as a bully heel.

Always remember what a douchebag he was as Jack, Audrey’s boyfriend in European Vacation.  Also believe the role reversal works because in 2018, Macchio can very easily come off as an arrogant prick, while the sympathetic babyface role suits Zabka after sensai Creese beat the shit out of him in front of everybody after losing the All Valley in ‘84.  Real life would dictate that Johnny would totally end up down and out because he had all his confidence and dignity choked out of him in front of his boys.  
Thanks for fucking me over, WongLee, now I’m gonna end up paying for the rest of these eventually.

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