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Bruce Prichard covers the history of Houston wrestling, with Jim Cornette by his side! Topics include: How Harley Race caused Paul Boesch to create his own World title after the NWA champ screwed him over, how Grizzly Smith ruined kayfabe for Bruce when he was still a kid, Boesch's heat with Gary Hart, the truth behind the rumors of Gino Hernandez being Boesch's son, the night Bruiser Brody tried to kill the Houston territory, legends who got over huge in Houston before the WWWF brought them in to be big city megastars, Tully Blanchard as a booker causing heat in the office and the locker room, the Jack Brisco/Race/Dory Funk world title backstage mess, the night Wahoo and Pat O' Connor got into a shoot in the ring, Bruce's involvement in JCP buying out the UWF, how Prichard ended up in the WWF, Boesch's strained relationship with the WWF, the Boesch family holding the WWF up for money, and more!!!