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 Posted: Wed May 16th, 2018 07:44 pm
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7/1/1953 Holyoke MA
Adrian Ballageron draw Lou Plummer
John Heideman beat Walter Kamereoff

7/2/1953 Nashua NH
Adrien Bailligeron & Manuel Cortez vs Manuel Plummer & Masked Marvel
Red Hall vs Les Ruffin
Danny Dunn vs Whitey Nelson

7/8/1953 Holyoke MA
Manuel Cortez & Adrien Baillargeon beat Bibber McCoy & Johnny Heidemann
Rocky Baron drew Walter Kameroff
Dynamite Dunn beat Les Ruffin (DQ)

7/9/1953 Pittsfield MA
Lord Blears & Lord Layton vs Steve Gob & Bob Siepler

7/15/1953 Holyoke MA
Adrian Baillegeron beat Walter Kameroff
Steve Karas beat Gus Johnson

7/16/1953 Nashua NH
Steve Karras beat Rocky Baron
Adrien Baillegeron beat Les Ruffin

7/17/1963 Bennington VT
Bill Melby vs Lord Blears
Al Costello vs Jack Bence

7/22/1953 Holyoke MA
Steve Karas & Sonny Myers beat John Heideman & Frank James
Gus Johnson beat Les Ruffin
Dan Dunn draw Paul Paree

7/25/1953 Nashua NH
Sonny Myers beat Bob RussellĀ 
Adrian Baillargeon beat Les Ruffin
Steve Karras draw Gus Johnson

7/27/1953 Tompsonville CT
Pee Wee James & Tom Thumb vs Mighty Schultz & Sky Low Low
Adrian Baillegeron vs Les Ruffin
Frank James vs Steve Karas

7/29/1953 Holyoke MA
Pee Wee James & Tom Thumb vs Mighty Schultz & Sky Low Low
Rebel Russell beat Steve Karas
Gus Johnson draw Red Hall

7/30/1953 Nashua NH
Steve Karras draw Rocky Baron
Adrian Baillargeon beat Rob Russell