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 Posted: Wed May 16th, 2018 08:55 pm
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Ultimark wrote: I don't like Billy Corgan's politics. As a matter of fact, I detest it. However, I really like the Smashing Pumpkins and see no reason to stop listening. People really need to start minding their own business unless someone is truly being injured. 99% of this is complete garbage. People are way too soft anymore.
It's really crazy that people can no longer enjoy any aspect of life without politicizing it or wanting to knock the artist down a few pegs.  There are songs I like that are complete anathema to everything I believe in, like John Lennon's ode to socialism "Imagine", but I take it for what it is and don't let it ruin my day.  And there are some songs that are lyrically more in line with my views that I think suck.  If I never listened to anyone who I disagreed with politically or whose lifestyle choices were in line with my own, I wouldn't listen to music.    

That goes for any form of entertainment.  My Facebook feed today reminded me of Wendell Pierce assaulting a female Bernie Sanders fan 2 years ago because he's a super over-the-top wackjob Hillary supporter.  I joked that he ruined "The Wire" for me, but not really.  I still love the show and I still love him in it.  Because I'm a fucking adult who can distinguish between art and the artist!

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.