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 Posted: Thu May 17th, 2018 04:09 am
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They booked this show all wrong. The wrestlers featured in the first half of the program were:
Adrian Adonis
Greg Gagne
Joyce Grable
Judy Martin
Even if you were interested in pro wrestling and tuned into the program, you would have probably changed the channel.

The second half of the program was better since it included:

Jesse Ventura
Hulk Hogan
Nick Bockwinkle
Brad Rheingans

But again (with the exception of Ventura and Bockwinkle), the wrestlers were not featured properly. Ventura wrestled in a tag match and also participated in a pretty good interview. Bockwinkle was also featured in an interview and did a very good job at representing himself and the sport. Hogan was relegated to just a trash talking promo and Rheingans just stood there as Gagne recited Brad's Olympic resume.
For the most part, the audience was just brutal as they bashed the sport and insulted the wrestlers. It really made the sport look bad and I don't think anyone really came out looking good.

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