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 Posted: Mon May 21st, 2018 04:16 am
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He's asking about the 2nd half of 1986, and it really is a great question.

So, in terms of perception at the time, here in Chicago, we just started receiving the new UWF television show in late June on Saturday nights on one of the UHF stations. This was the first time Mid-South had ever aired here, so it was a huge move. It was a slick looking show also with nice graphics, music, and exciting matches and stories. It looked big time.

AWA, on the otherhand, was actually off the air for a couple of weeks as Verne moved the show from Channel 26 to Channel 66. The AWA tag belts had just switched hands on a countout, Bock was the Champion after being given the belt after Hansen left, and in general the big-name WrestleRock roster had left. There was a huge dropoff in talent.

At least perception wise, the UWF seemed bigger.

Now, after the fact, we know they were both in trouble financially.

"Well, maybe I like the nightlife just a little bit more than I like the damn gym, jack! And when you're makin' $500,000 a year, there ain't no reason to change what you're doing." - Dusty Rhodes, 1/4/1986