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 Posted: Mon May 21st, 2018 01:27 pm
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The AWA was a lot more successful in late 1986 vs the UWF for one basic reason - ESPN was paying the AWA to show their program, while the UWF was paying to be put on the air.

That doesn't answer the original question though...that question was relating to attendance and which promotion appeared more "big league". As far as attendance goes, the AWA wasn't drawing a ton of paid people anywhere by late 1986. The Showboat tapings were, I believe, free. And if they weren't, they were heavily papered because they needed bodies in the seats for ESPN. And a few of the Cow Palace shows that Verne counted on to get some good money were drawing less than 1000. He wasn't drawing in Denver either, and pretty much killed the territory the night that he handed Bockwinkel the belt. Mid South/UWF was still drawing paid people, although I don't know if they charged money for the shows that they taped at Gilley's. But the crowds weren't paying anywhere near what they were just a couple years earlier because the Texas oil crisis just killed off a LOT of peoples' disposable income (and in worse cases, their necessary income as well). So for all intents and purposes, both territories were in awful shape. But why I feel the UWF looked more "big league" was based on their show. It was slickly produced with main event matches every single week that you'd pay to see. The AWA was on ESPN, which should make them look big league, but the program that they put on the air looked anything but big league. So I'm going to go with the UWF for the win, and considering Watts was able to sell his territory to Crockett for cash but Verne basically was bankrupted means I think that Watts was the overall winner too.

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