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 Posted: Sun May 27th, 2018 01:30 am
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Watching the Nov 25, 1985 WWF house show from MSG. Pretty decent show, with a couple of really entertaining matches worth checking out:  Mr. Wrestling II vs. Terry Funk and also Muraco vs. Steamboat (this feud is one of my guilty pleasures).  Muraco/Steamboat is a double-juice and has the classic Steamboat going-for-revenge angle.  I haven't seen much of Mr. Wrestling II, but his match with Funk was entertaining as fuck.  Two old guys just tearing the house down.  II's got a little Dusty Rhodes in him with his wiggles and gyrations and head movements.  This show also had the conclusion of the mini-angle between Jesse Ventura and Barry O.  Jesse beat him in a match, but Barry O got a ton of offense in.

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