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 Posted: Mon May 28th, 2018 05:59 am
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Low key big hog

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A couple of things here

Everyone in football is taught low man wins but Everyone is also taught to see what you hit. Hitting with the crown of your helmet is how you get paralyzed.

I just watched the berfect v Decastro hit and I can’t imagine any coach would show that play as an example of a good hit / block. Decastro did a good job neutralizing berfect but that looked nasty in a bad way.

Granted the rule will get enforced when it shouldn’t like when lineman are coming out of their stances but out of the box or in the open field the players should be hitting face up. Stick marks should be on your forehead and face mask not starting on the crown.

I would think the offensive linemen, linebackers and fullbucks would be happy about this rule because it will eliminate the torpedo type hits around the edges when players are trying to set up or blow up the edge. Granted new techniques will have to be learned.

And for the record I’m all about football being dangerous, full of big hits and the way it used to be but this seems like a good rule. 

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