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 Posted: Mon May 28th, 2018 02:15 pm
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My wife and I checked out the latest Star Wars movie Sunday morning and it did not disappoint. We were a little leery going in due to being unhappy with The Last Jedi and I feel like Solo is struggling at the box office because of this.

My thoughts...

Move is slow to start, but once Han meets up with Beckett and ultimately, Chewbacca, it really starts to take off. I was uncertain about Solo being fed to a beast, felling like I was seeing Luke and the Rancor again, but quickly forgot about the Rancor scene with a very satisfying Solo meets Chewbacca scene.

From there we get tons of easter eggs, first meet ups, cameos, cool looking costumes, action, adventure, I mean whats not to love. The humor was subtle and worked, unlike the Last Jedi which was more in your face and fell flat.

We got the answers to many questions that fans have been asking for years. How does Han meet Chewie? How does Han meet Lando? What is the Kessel Run? Instead of, "Your parents are nobodies." We were given real answers.

The movie sets up a sequel, and maybe even a trilogy.

Movie #2 - As Han and Chewie set off to Tatooine to presumably meet Jabba the Hutt, they cross paths with Greedo.

Movie #3 - The finally make it to Tatooine, meet Jabba, take a job, etc...

Final thoughts. Donald Glover was awesome as Lando. He even sounded like Lando and Holy Shit! That's Darth Maul. I thought he was dead.

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