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 Posted: Tue May 29th, 2018 03:58 am
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I've been watching UWF on the Youtubes.

I'm really enjoying Terry Taylor and the cocky heel & young Sting & Rick Steiner.

I'm not a fan of Dibiase as a face. Steve Williams is OK, but I enjoyed him as a heel much more.

I like Kamala a lot more than I remembered as well as One Man Gang. Their time in UWF is much better that their stupid runs in the WWF. Was always a Jim Duggan fan until he came to the WWF, and this UWF run reminds me why.

The Freebirds as always are gold. Missy is a great character and her talents are huge. Eddie Gilbert is hit and miss depending on who he's paired with as an opponent or as a manager.

I can't stand John Tatum.

Of course there's my pet peeve when the geriatric owner Bill Watts comes in and can kick the lead heels' asses. I hated when Fritz did it, and Verne, and Vince.

My other complaint is in their tag team tournament. I'm not sure who the Freebirds pissed off but they job twice in the first round (Gordy & Angel of Death, Hayes & Roberts). I also hated that Adams and Iceman break up after winning a match and then Terry Taylor gets thrown into the finals as Adams partner via coin flip. So the tournament champion wasn't even entered into the tournament? You couldn't have come up with a better plan than that?

Also the seeds don't match up. I realize they probably wanted the seeds to make sense, but then had to book the matches they wanted to get the results they needed. It's minor, but it bugs me.

UWF Tag Team Title Tournament 1987
February 7, 1987 in Ft. Worth, TX

3 seed Rick Steiner & Sting   vs.  5 seed Missing Link & Chavo Guerrero

7 seed Sam Houston & Terry Taylor  vs.  2 seed Terry Gordy & The Angel of Death

1 seed Steve Williams & Ted DiBiase  vs.  6 seed Eli the Eliminator & Bill Irwin

8 seed Chris Adams & Iceman King Parsons  vs.  4 seed Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts
The only match up that is correct is the 2-7 and since the 2 & 4 seeds lose in the first round they should have just done "random draw."

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