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 Posted: Thu Jul 5th, 2018 04:21 pm
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Papa Voo wrote: A lot of items can turn into a disaster at self-checkouts.

Small amount of items I go through self checkout.

I used to try and avoid them, but I realized the genie left the bottle.

I still think human checkers are needed.
So, yesterday I have my daughter bring me to the Acme because I need a few things for the grille.  I get in the self service line.  2 people in front of me - a lady with one of those annoying baby carts and she has about 50 items.  The other one is an older lady with maybe 5 items.  The older lady cannot find her debit or credit card.  Literally 5 minutes and I am not exaggerating.  Then, she accidentally cancels her entire order.  The Acme had to redo the whole thing. 
At the same time, the lady with all the items and the brat has her own issues.  The brat takes the bagged items and starts to throw them.  He takes the milk and throws it right on the scanner.  Somehow the top comes off the milk and renders the scanner useless. 
All this going on and the God damn Acme has 2 lines open with human checkers that are 10 deep.  I still would have been better off in one of those lines.