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 Posted: Thu Jul 5th, 2018 06:38 pm
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We have used Walmart's grocery service where you submit your grocery list online and they pick it for you and then you go to Walmart and they load it into your car. It worked like a charm. I was in and out of the Walmart parking lot in about 5 minutes. They even did a good job picking the fresh produce and the fresh meats. No complaints. They even upsize your item for free if the size item you order is out of stock (for example, if you order an 18 oz box of Cheerios and they are out of it, you get a 36 oz box of Cheerios for the price of the 18 oz box).

The only negatives with the service are:
1) Few Walmarts have this service (the closest one to me is about 20 mins away)
2) Same day service isn't available. You have to put your order in several days in advance.

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