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 Posted: Mon Jul 9th, 2018 11:49 pm
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I feel these are fairly well-known amongst smarks, but:

-Sivi Afi as "High Chief Afi", the third Islander in 1988

-Jos LeDuc as "The Headbanger" in the WWF around the same time. In the States, I think he only wrestled on Prime Time, where the graphics listed him as "Butcher LeDuc". He was also at King Haku's TV coronation on the syndicated weeklies, with no acknowledgment of who he was by the commentators.

-Marc Mero wrestled as "Johnny B. Badd", with the confetti gun and everything for TNA, circa 2004. TNA did a LOT of these one-time appearances, but this one always struck me as especially weird.

-Shotgun Saturday Night taking place in New York City's Penn Station in 1997.

-"Adorable" Adrian Adonis standing up on TNT and saying: "yes, I AM GAY"...then getting a chorus of boo's from the audience. Aside from the reaction, I bring it up because most folks forgot/didn't know that Adonis' character actually proclaimed that he was, in fact, "gay".

-Dusty Rhodes turning and joining the nWo in 1998.

-Kevin Von Erich getting to slap the CLAW on Rob Conway on Monday Night RAW, sometime in 2005-2006.