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 Posted: Tue Jul 10th, 2018 01:00 am
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srossi wrote: Blazer wrote: Terry Daniels got a world tag-team title shot in July 1984 against Adonis and Murdoch. Slaughter was his teammate. And the match was absolutely great. Just watched it last night. Total hidden gem. Daniels was great playing the super talented underdog.
Murdoch and especially Adonis were great bumping for underdogs too. I didn’t see the match but I tend to think they deserve credit for trying to get Daniels over. Where do I find the match?

I got it from our dvd guy here.  It's the July 23, 1984 MSG card with Moolah losing the title to Wendy Richter.  It might be on Daily Motion or Youtube too.
Daniels keeps going back to this armdrag takedown on Adonis and Murdoch, and the crowd is eating it up.  At one point he almost pinned Adonis with a cross-body (2 and 9/10ths count) and Gorilla says, "no, no, he didn't get him".
Adonis backbody drops Daniels at one point, and Terry does a complete 360 and lands on his feet, kinda stumbles into the ropes but then comes back and sneaks up behind Adonis, and as Adonis turns around, another deep arm drag takedown.  Crowd goes batshit.
It's a great match.

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