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 Posted: Sun Aug 5th, 2018 03:20 am
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srossi wrote: DJP wrote: Probably the Jim Wilson book Chokehold since not sleeping with Barnett was allegedly the reason he was blackballed. It delves into a lot of the behind the scenes of the NWA and served as the inspiration for Tim Hornbaker to write a more objective book about their monopoly over wrestling. 

But the Jim Wilson book is fiction. Everyone has their own biases in their books, but that one is ridiculous. 

I don't believe Wilson that Barnett was going to make him world champion in exchange for sex and that he was not pushed and ultimately blackballed because he didn't go along. Of course I think he had an agenda and just about everyone who ever saw Wilson calls bullshit on that claim. But to say it's all fiction is not accurate. It was considered the most well researched and comprehensive book on the inner workings of the NWA and their control over wrestling until Hornbaker's book.

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