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 Posted: Mon Aug 6th, 2018 02:41 am
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I recently watched German fan favorites 2 (94) and UK fan favorites (93 I believe) on the network.

Gorilla and Stan had mouth Jerry Jarrett on GFF2 during the Jeff match saying he recently disappeared.

On UKFF during the Tito v Martel match Ross and Gorilla go on and on about Martel being a former IC champ.

Both tapes featured a Undertaker v Bigelow match; it was 2 different matches but it was very similar.

Both are good tapes for that time frame and had a couple of matches I’d never seen before. The GFF2 had more recycled footage Bret v Shawn cage match that was on another CHV and the Bret v Yoko match from WMX and some Raw matches but still good. Hopefully they add the candian fan favorites CHV from 95 that was one of those rare CHV’s.

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