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 Posted: Wed Aug 8th, 2018 08:48 pm
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George W. Bush went to Yale. Regarding the whole Texas vs. Texas A&M thing, those schools students alums, and sports fans would argue over what day it was. As for the male cheerleader thing, I think every school has them in some capacity, certainly in major college sports. The deal with Texas A&M, which has conventional female cheerleaders and danceline members, is that it for a long time it only had male cadets in this capacity (it began as a military school and still is to a great extent even though it now has non cadet students). These cadets are technically called "Yell Leaders" and actually direct the fans in a series of cheers and chants that the fans partake in to a nearly unanimous extent in a manner quite unlike what is seen at most schools. Longhorns fans had a field day ripping on the "ugly cheerleaders" and the Aggies fans reacted with their typical lack of a sense of humor.

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