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 Posted: Mon Aug 13th, 2018 07:34 pm
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Franchise wrote: From a business stand point what is the purpose? Does anyone go to NFL games to watch male or female cheerleaders?
It isn't so much that people go to games for cheerleaders and would stay away if teams didn't have any. There are a few teams that don't have them at all, the Steelers coming to mind. It's more a matter of teams presenting them as part of the overall entertainment package. The cheerleading squads are also monetized. The team can book them for appearances and sell related sponsorships.
Most NFL and NBA cheerleading/dance squads have an official salon, an official makeup company, and so on. If a team sets up a separate co-ed cheerleading team that does more of the athletic flips and tosses as opposed to the dance routines or if it has a hip hop dance crew that is aesthetically and artistically different than a regular cheerleading or dance team, it can sell a new set of sponsorships.