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 Posted: Fri Aug 17th, 2018 08:19 pm
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For what it is worth, the anthem is rarely ever on TV for NFL games with the exception of the Super Bowl, the conference championship games, and a few showcase games when a national recording artist gets the gig like on Thanksgiving. A few games had the anthem make TV over the last two years when the controversy got especially heated. The networks haven't shown the anthem on TV with any regularity since the 1970s and any cases afterwards for a few years were due to timing issues in which the announcers were doing pregame stuff and it started while they were talking, necessitating a cessation of the conversation. The anthem has been a stadium only thing for at least 40 years barring those exceptions.

What can be done? Between the NFL botching its handling of this early on, many players kneeling in defiance over being told what they can and cannot do as opposed to the social issues that at least initially motivated Colin Kaepernick, and Trump exploiting the issue for political gain by goading players into protesting in order to wind up his core supporters, the national anthem situation has broken containment to the extent that finding reasonable middle ground is going to be very difficult.

My take is that the NFL policy should mirror what a few teams have done. If you're on the field, then you stand. If you do not wish to stand, you may exit the field to an area out of view and face no repercussions for doing so. A compulsory order for everyone to stand or else isn't going to work. Whatever the ultimate policy is, it needs to be in the CBA by agreement with the NFLPA so there is no debate and no room for people violating the agreement on either side; NFL, owners or players.