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 Posted: Wed Aug 29th, 2018 03:25 am
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This is what I have for the 4/12/86 Las Vegas card..
Can't recall where I got this.

4/12/86 Las Vegas, NV TV Taping - Showboat Sports Pavillion
Nick Bockwinkel d. Larry Zbyszko (texas death)
Leon White d. Earthquake Ferris
Brad Rheingans DREW Boris Zhukov
Little Mr. T and Cowboy Lang d. Little Tokyo and Lord Littlebrook
Col. DeBeers d. William Pappas
[Americas HC:] Sgt. Slaughter d. The Barbarian DQ
Mike Rotundo d. Doug Somers
Buddy Rose and Doug Somers d. Leon White and Jesse Hernandez
Bruiser Brody and Nord the Barbarian d. The Steel Gladiator and Jesse Hernandez