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 Posted: Wed Sep 12th, 2018 09:15 pm
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Fantasia is running wild!

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katook wrote: Oh man I know RIGHT!. Yeah we're all really sorry not sorry the guy died, but wouldn't it be a blast to see Rossi's reaction to it!!!!!!!!!!! It would be so cool to see what he would do here. Then imagine, in a perfect world, we can follow it up with another officer shooting a negro perp within the next couple of days!. Ecstasy!!!!!! Rossi would flip his wig. Chickenshit liberals like him would be the first ones to call on officers to help him out if one of dem colored came within five blocks of him. I really hope she gets away with it too. I mean come on, what did she REALLY do wrong. Why can't we just give our officers the benefit of a doubt and get on to the important stuff like building The Wall. We have to get behind our police after all the damage Obongo did amirite?

Jeebus H Christ, I was fucking with Rossi simply because it's well known that he and I joust all the time about cops, nothing more nothing less don't take it so damned seriously.

Is that because Cops are Pigs?